How it all works!


We will supply colourful posters to remind parents of the date that we will be at your school.

On the day of the school photographs, we set up a studio and take multiple photos of each child as well as our unique class photos.

A couple of days later we provide a proof card, from which parents can choose which of the photos they prefer and would like to purchase.

Parents then return their envelope along with the proof card and the correct amount to the school.

We have a fast turnaround time and will get the photos back to the school within two weeks.

There is no admin for the school or teachers and parents can deal directly with us.


For even less admin for your school, we can now offer a completely online option, no forms, no envelopes, no cash, everything is done online.         Each student is issued unique password protected online gallery.

We can offer a large range of products and packages for your school.

We have a money back guarantee if parents are not happy with their photos.


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